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Dog Parks in Santa Barbara, California!dog parks in Santa Barbara

We research great places to go with your dogs in Santa Barbara! Please see our pet parks interactive map.


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Parks (Trails listed below) Addresses/Maps/Description/Restrictions

Arroyo Burro Beach Park

dog parks and hiking trails in santa barbara california

dog parks and hiking trails in santa barbara california

2981 Cliff Dr, Santa Barbara, CA


Dog Park in Santa Barbara, California:

Arroyo Burro Beach Park - video!

This is the best known off-leash place in the Santa Barbara area, and there are self-service dog wash stations.

Open 6am-sunset

*Dogs must be on-leash through parking lot and on the "bathing beach" may be off-leash after passing Arroyo Burro Slough, then they can run free in the surf and swim in the Pacific Ocean below the city's Douglas Preserve (read below).

Hendry's Beach (Arroyo Burro) to Foleta Beach Hike Link


Douglas Family Preserve

(Locally knnown as the Wilcox Property)

dog parks and hiking trails in santa barbara california

dog parks and hiking trails in santa barbara california

Google Maps Link

Multiple Entrance Points:
Take Las Ppositas Rd, South, make a Right on Cliff Dr. in the Mesa neighborhood

Medcliff Rd and Selrose Ln, Santa Barbara, CA


Dog Park in Santa Barbara, California:

Douglas Family Preserve

This is a 70 acre undeveloped City-owned space with dirt paths used for hiking, viewing birds and other wild life, and bicycling, with over 3 miles of trails. Dogs and their owners flock here, as it is an incredible place to walk and explore the circular path and enjoy miraculous views of the Pacific shore, Hendry's Beach ("the pit" or Arroyo Burro) below at the far end of the walk, the spectacular cliffs, and the offshore Channel Islands, where you may spot dolphins and whales. Don't miss the sunsets! The mountain-side area of the trail has great views of Los Padres and Elings.

Exotic ornamental plants along with habitats for native foliage can be found here as part of a restoration project for monarch butterflies

*Must be on-leash while entering park until you see the off-leash signs; bring your own waste bags and water

Open sunrise-10pm, free admission


Tucker's Grove Park at Kiwanis Meadow (San Antonio Canyon Park)

dog parks and hiking trails in santa barbara california

dog parks and hiking trails in santa barbara california

805 San Antonio Creed Rd, Intersection of Turnpike and Cathedral Oaks Rd, Santa Barbara, CA

(805) 967-1112

Dog Park in Santa Barbara, California:

Tucker's Grove Park- video

The fenced off-leash area is at the eastern end of the park, near parking and public restrooms, past the Kiwanis Meadows Group Picnic Area. There is shade and open spaces for pups to run, drinking fountains, and poo bags available. . Here there is easy access to the San Antonio Creek Trail- a shady, northeasterly 1.5 mile hike to the trailhead on CA Route 154

*Dogs must remain on-leash from parking area to fenced park; dogs should be kept leashed/under control on trails

Open 8am-sunset


Toro Canyon County Park

dog parks and hiking trails in santa barbara california

576 Toro Canyon Park Rd, Montecito, CA

(805) 969-3315

Dog Park in Santa Barbara, California:

Toro Canyon County Park-

The fenced lawn of this off-leash play area is at the entrance of this 74 acre wooded park, and it is shaded by oak trees. Parking and restroom are adjacent to the doggy play area

Open 8am-10am, and 4pm-sunset


WOOF Pac Park at Waller Park

(Winners of Off-leash Freedom)dog parks and hiking trails in santa barbara california

300 Goodwin Rd, Orcutt, CA

(805) 934-6123

Dog Park in Santa Barbara, California:

WOOF Pac Park at Waller Park-

This is a 3 acre fenced lawn area where dogs are allowed off-leash. There are separate areas for large and small dogs and double entry gates, doggy drinking fountains, and benches. You will find restrooms and Wripples self-service pet spa nearby

Open 8am-sunset
Thursdays the park closes periodically for maintenance.


Orpet Community Park (or Oak Park)

dog parks and hiking trails in santa barbara california

Alameda Padre Serra and Moreno Rd, Orcutt, California


Directions: Follow Mission from the 101 towards that mountains until you reach the end. Turn Left onto Laguna, then take a Right at the stop sign onto Los Olivos. Then, there will be a fork in the road, where you bear Right and follow the Alameda Padre Serra up to Moreno.

Dog Park in Santa Barbara, California:

Orpet Community Park-

This regional park in the Rice Ranch area (busy neighborhood) of Orcutt is long and narrow, with a simple, yet lush, 2.5 acre fenced dog park play area that includes separate areas for small and large dogs, pup water fountains, serene/secluded walkways, and benches for seating. Exotic plants and trees are homes for migrating birds. Local favorite for lunch breaks.
Click to read more about park

*Park on the street and walk to park area

Open from 8am-sunset


Tabano Hollow Neighborhood Open Space

dog parks and hiking trails in santa barbara california

dog parks and hiking trails in santa barbara california

Tabano Way, Santa Barbara, CA

Dog Park in Santa Barbara, California:

Tabano Hollow-

Many dog lovers come to this fenced lawn field/dirt area that is well-maintained and has shady trees, a dog drinking fountain, and lots of benches. Be cautious there are many holes around the area, and critters that pop out of some of the holes (ground hogs?)- but they are very entertaining for the dogs! Nice locals with well socialized pups. Note that there is no separation per dog size and no restroom

Open 8am-10am, 3pm-sunset

*Please keep the noise down as this play area is in a residential neighborhood;* Limited doggy bags available


Shoreline Park

dog parks and hiking trails in santa barbara california

dog parks and hiking trails in santa barbara california

1200 Shoreline Dr, Santa Barbara, CA

(Located west of Leadbetter Beach, at Shoreline Dr and La Marina)

Dog Park in Santa Barbara, California:

Shoreline Park-

This is a 14.6 acre oceanside park, overlooking the beach, up on the bluffs (cliffs) with delightful views of Santa Barbara Harbor, the coastline and Islands, the City, and the Santa Ynez Mountains. The park has a playground, restrooms, picnic tables and BBQs, sidewalks, benches, and beach access stairs. Great for a family picnic and whale watching.

*Access to the semi-private, charming beach below the bluff at the narrow, wooded Shoreline Park Staircase, through Torii Gate in the center of the park- be careful- the beach is narrow and rocky and frequently overflows from the tides
*Dogs may be off-leash from the Staircase to the eastern edge of the Arroyo Burro Estuary, but must be on-leash throughout the park

goleta b

Goleta Beach County Park

dog parks and hiking trails in santa barbara california

dog parks in santa barbara california

5986 Sandspit Rd, Goleta, CA

Dog Park in Santa Barbara, California:

Goleta Beach County Park- video!

This park is located one town north of Santa Barbara, and includes 2400 feet of beach, with a berm constructed from the Goleta Beach Pier to the west-end of the beach (to prevent flooding from El Nino). It has 29 acres of paved trails dog walking and bicycling, and is known for its long fishing pier and great sun-bathing beaches, swimming and boating, a lively restaurant, picnic areas with BBQs, restrooms, and volleyball, horseshoes, and a playground.Larger picnic areas may be reserved and rented online

*Seasonal lifeguards

Open 8am-Sunset


Elings Park - EPDOG (Elings Park Dog Pwners Group)

dog parks and hiking trails in santa barbara california


1298 Las Possitas Rd, Santa Barbara, CA

(805) 569-5611

Dog Park in Santa Barbara, California:

Elings Park-

** Membership Required- visit website

The largest public park in America, with 230 acres of open park spaces and extensive off-leash areas. It is an indepents, non-profit park that depends on public support by charging fees and/or receiving donations (tax deductible)

Membership Application PDF or Register Online

Membership $125/dog/year (New), $100/dog/year (returning members)



Rattlesnake Canyon Trail (Rattlesnake Canyon Park)

rattlesnake canyon trails and dog parks in santa barbara

rattlesnake canyon trails and dog parks in santa barbara

Access on Las Canoas Rd, before Skofield Park, Santa Barbara, CA

Trailhead is adjacent to Skofield Park, marked by a large sign behind the rock wall on the road

*Parking is along the road or at Skofield Park

Dog Park in Santa Barbara, California:

Rattlesnake Canyon Trail -

Very popular, gentle 3.5 mile hike (round trip to meadow), on a shady trail, featuring a creek, one canyon over from the Tunnel Trail and within 15 minutes of downtown. The trail is well-maintained and there are no mountain bikes allowed. The trails stays near the creek, but is not along it, and moves north and eastward for 2.6 miles up Rattlesnake Canyon, ending at Gibraltar Rd (5 miles round-trip at 2475 ft. elevation).

The trail leads across the creek, up to a fire road and meadow, above the meados is a juntion connecting Rattlesnake and Tunnel Trails. To stay on the easy trail, follow the fire road to the meadow, until it returns to and crosses the creek.

Both Rattlesnake Canyon and Skofield Parks have a beautiful, natural landscape, filled with sycamores, oaks, chaparral (drought-tolerant shrubs, evergreen leaves, coastal sage scrub found primarily in California), and the Mission Creek.

Trail Guide PDF

Google Map

Tunnel Trail and Inspiration Point

tunnel trail dogs parks in santa barbara

tunnel trail dogs parks in santa barbara

Google Map

*Parking at trailhead is limited and strict, in a congested neighborhood*You must park behind the white line or they ticket and tow*

Click here for directions to the trail head and Inspiration Point

Dog Park in Santa Barbara, California:


Popular trail, 5 minutes from downtown, with tons of twist and turns, and peculiar surprises. Gorgeous city views, at La Cumbre Peak there are jaw-dropping views of the back-country on the other side of the Santa Ynez Mountain range, as well as an old fire tower, picnic table, and super-"fancy" outhouse. The hike totals 9-11 miles round-trip (including Ka Cumbre Peak), with a 3000 ft. elevation fain.

*Be cautious- there are a lot of bikers

For a more strenuous hike, follow the trail from Rattlesnake Canyon, and at the junction abobe the meadow, continue up the Connector, all the way up to Tunnel to East Camino Cielo

Tunnel Trails starts where the paved access road to Edison Rd becomes dirt (after about 1 mile; same paved road as Inspiration Point). The trail goes about 3.5 miles up the mountain, and is usually very dry with an impressive rock formation (becomes a waterfall after it rains). East Camino Cielo Rd is at the top, and from there is a short walk up to La Cumbre Peak.

Inspiration Point via Tunnel Trail - Link to more info

Knapp's Castle Trail/Snyder Trail

knapps castle tail santa barbara dog parks

E Camino Cielo Rd off 154, Santa Barbara, CA

Dog Park in Santa Barbara, California:

This is a nice little hike to the ruins of a stone lodge with magnificent views of the Santa Ynez Valley.


Google Map

Visit Knapp's Castle Trail on for more info

Cold Spring Trail

cold spring trail santa barbara dog parks

Montecito Park, off E. Mountain Dr, Santa Barbara, CA

Dog Park in Santa Barbara, California:

This is a longer and more exhausting hike with plenty of water along the way

Cold Spring Trail Loop - 1.8 mi, 682 ft.
Montecito Peak - 6.8 mi, 1939 ft.
Camino Cielo - 8.36 mi, 2917 ft.

Google Map

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Beach Hikes

More Santa Barbara County Trails at

Santa Barbara Trail Guide


Santa Barbara Parks Rules and Regulations under Section 26-49.1 of the County Code permits off-leash canine play areas in our parks and county recreation areas under the following conditions

  • Dogs must not add to noise or congestion of area
  • Dogs must be under the voice control of their caretaker. 
  • Leaving dogs unattended is prohibited.  Owner/caretaker must be with dogs. 
  • No more than 3 dogs per responsible adult (caretaker) allowed per visit. 
  • Owners must carry a six-foot leash at all times, one for each dog. 
  • Young children must be closely supervised.  
  • Owners must clean up after their dogs. 
  • Dogs with a known history of dangerous behavior are prohibited. 
  • Aggressive dogs must be muzzled or removed. 
  • Dogs must be on-leash until posted off-leash area & upon leaving with no longer than a six-foot leash.
  • Park users & dog owners assume all risk related to park use. 
  • Puppies less than 4 months of age, as well as dogs in heat are prohibited. 
  • Each dog must wear a collar with identification and valid license attached, with current vaccinations at all times while in an off-leash area

 SB Co. Ord. 26-49.1 

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